About Sequoyah Elementary School

Sequoyah Elementary is a Knox County, Tennessee public school. Committed teachers, led by an energetic principal, give children a superb start to life-long learning. Founded in 1929, the school has a consistent record of high academic achievement.

1) Physical plant: 1929 original brick building with 1964 and 1996 additions. Includes twenty-five classrooms, a gym, a library, a playground, and a cafeteria.

2) Student population: Approximately 443 students are enrolled for the 2010-2011 school year, kindergarten through fifth grade.

3) Faculty: 65% of Sequoyah’s teachers have master’s degrees. Five staff  are degreed Ed. S. (Specialist in Education).  Four faculty have master’s degrees plus forty-five hours of additional graduate work.

4) Achievement: One of seven—out of fifty Knox County elementary schools—that has scored all A’s in academic achievement in reading, math, science and social studies on the TCAP Criterion-Referenced Test since the year 2000.

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