This year's Benefit/Auction night is scheduled for Friday, April 6, 2018. Purchase tickets, and be sure your family and your employer considers sponsoring SEF at the Society level of giving.

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As a reminder of what the Foundation's initiatives and goals are:

Overall, the children of Sequoyah are receiving one of the best educational experiences
available in Knox County and the state of Tennessee. Each year these children are receiving
high quality education without the soaring cost of private education. Despite the many strengths
of Sequoyah Elementary, we strongly believe that we need to further the pursuit of continued
academic success of our school. The Foundation was formed to help create and financially
support initiatives that further academic achievement and enhance the already excellent learning
environment for students at Sequoyah. Thus, we have secured funding for initiatives such as:

  • Science Lab Instructor – to allow for hands-on Science applications to be experienced and
    explored by all students at Sequoyah.
  • Computer Upgrade Program – in which each year upper grade levels will receive new computers
    and lower grade level will rotate to ensure a new computer for each classroom every three years.
  • Teaching Assistant(s) – to allow more teaching assistant time to give teachers more productive
    classroom time and to help teachers with students in small groups.
  • Reading Coach – to allow students who either need help or a challenge someone to facilitate
    their path to success.
  • Technology Instruction and Support Personnel – to allow for direct support to teachers in implementation and utilization of Sequoyah’s technological resources, as well as student teaching to help our children learn valuable computer skills.
  • Teacher Professional Enrichment Plan – to allow for specific financial support to teachers who
    are chosen to participate in (or observe) programs or institutions that develop teaching strategies
    and applications to use at Sequoyah.

Thanks to the efforts of a hard-working Foundation Board, and the support from families,
friends and Sequoyah Stakeholders, we were able to meet the fund raising goals required
to further implement the tools that will continue to make Sequoyah an outstanding

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